Castle Nathria Raid Carry

Castle Nathria raid is new instance of World of Warcraft SL expansion for 6-40 players. Current zone features dark-gothic style and has also got a strong resemblance to area of Dracula himself. WoW Nathria boost takes about 90-120 minutes to complete raid carry service. Daily PvPBoost have 12-16 runs, helping gamers to boost their character up with easy and quick method. Just take a look on available dates and book any suitable slot.

Lore of Castle Nathria Raid is based on Revendreth realm and citizens living there. At the beginning, you complete different quests in this land and, by doing that, provide Sire Denathrius with your help. But then your character realizes that he helps wrong side. Also, you will get to know (relying on Accuser) that Sire is to blame for drought of Anima and feeding souls right to the Maw — which was harmful to territory. Having come to location of Venthyr Covenants, you are able to find Castle Nathria entrance in middle of it. The nearest point to which you should fly is called Menagerie of the Master.

Castle Nathria Carry features

  • PvPBoost team will guide you through 10 out of 10 bosses and thrash mobs in Castle Nathria WoW Raid Run with the best DPS rankings;
  • After completing service character can receive appropriate achievements and item level;
  • 2 options are available on your choice: a selfplay and a piloted mode. In case you choose piloted mode, a VPN is going to be used to guarantee maximum safety of account;
  • Gamers may pick a personal loot mode. It provides getting items dropped to champion. Also, amount of minimum gear pieces is not guaranteed;
  • Castle Nathria Boosting is executed manually with no use of side software;
  • Due to peculiarities of loot system, you can not get from traders goods having a higher ilvl than you have. Thus, you receive rewards with the same ilvl;
  • During service there might be other players who have similar gear, and they can save drops;
  • If you choose a selfplay option, it is essential to attack enemies. Each group member must hit opponents 1 time or more to receive items from instance;

Castle Nathria Loot

Champions have a great chance to farm boe, gear and increase ilvl. New loot table (Revendreth theme) is similar by its look to ones of crusade and plague times. All variants of these drops are made in gold and white colors. It may be symbolized with light (which Venthyr use to kill enemies). To become owners of high-valued drops and receive plenty achievements, gamers need to battle 10 bosses. Stakes are even higher in Castle Nathria Raid Boost: this provides players with better rewards and higher reputation noticeable to other players in game.

Castle Nathria Release Date

  1. Normal is available in 14 days after Shadowlands expansion's launch. Except for dungeon itself;
  2. On the 10th of November, Heroic is added;
  3. 1st of December brings 2 wing of LFR;
  4. In a fortnight (15th of December) 3 wing opens;
  5. 5 of January is linked to announcement of Mythic.