WoW Raids

WoW Raids is one of the hardest chapters of endgame in World of Warcraft. Current activity is available for champions which have received decent experience and equipment. But even these 2 components are not enough to start new raid progress without team.

What is WoW Raids?

Most of players have problems with getting into group, since group leader always asks to link achievements and curves. But what to do if you do not meet requirements? How to join raids in WoW? PvPBoost team has an answer. The best solution is WoW Raid Carry. So prepare flasks and potions, because Azeroth needs your assistance!

Why should you Buy Raids Boost?

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  • Usually it takes 12 weeks to farm similar amount of gear (if you are lucky one).
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History of WoW Raids

  • History of WoW Raids starts with raid finder option (LFR) — the easiest difficulty. Gamers must reach required rank in gear to queue up with LFG interface. It is possible to complete without group, but once you accept the invitation — system will add other champions to form raid team. Every failed attempt on raid bosses upgrade strength of your abilities on 5% up to 50%. So even with 10+ wipes chances on successful run will be increased.
  • After finishing raid reset heroes obtain new raider score, so they need to try themselves in the second mode. Keep in mind that this time party does not get upgrades on wipes and raid bosses have harder mechanics, same as better loot.
  • Last 2 parts of WoW Raiding was created by developers to introduce competitive activity. The best guilds fight each other to reach new raid progress and receive prizes with every reset. But just first 100 of them are able to get rewards.

Best WoW Raid Tactic for each class

  • Damagers — ranged (caster) and melee attackers. Main goal of DPS classes is killing bosses with abilities. These heroes have low amount of health points and must stay behind.
  • Healers — use mana as main resource to heal wounds and cast resurrection spells on group. Must keep party alive during the battle.
  • Tanks — melee classes with high defensive skills. Collect armor to decrease harm from attacks during Raid Boost. Tanks have to work in pair with each other to predict and parry fatality damage.

How to Buy WoW Raids Boost?

  1. Once you decided to Buy Raid WoW Carry — you should select an instance in raid list.
  2. Add service to cart and insert nickname of character.
  3. PvPBoost manager will contact you in 5-25 minutes to book you order.