Sire Denathrius Kill

Buy Sire Denathrius Raid Boss Boost Kill to slay a final boss of WoW Shadowlands raid on Heroic, Mythic or Normal mode. You are able to collect 1-5 loot pieces of 207-233 ilvl, achievements and possibility to get legendary power on your class.

Sire Denathrius Kill Rewards:

  • Quick boost in a difficulty you buy;
  • Possibility to receive loot of 207-233 item levels;
  • Earning an achievement Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge if HC is chosen;
  • PvE title of elite class for Mythic run.
Sire Denathrius Kill

What is Sire Denathrius Kill Carry?

PvPBoost has gathered a team of professional WoW players which achieved SL World First Kill to guarantee fast delivery. Service is available for 2 factions. Check out options, find a perfect time and contact us to get the best experience. Our support system is glad to answer on questions or help with the reservation.

Reason to Buy Heroic Sire Denathrius Kill

  • HC kills take 30-50 minutes to be done;
  • Available just in personal loot;
  • Team rolls dropped gear we do not need with customers;
  • Each 7 days we provide about 23 runs in Heroic mode;
  • Do not forget to use additional roll coins to have 50% higher chance on loot;
  • You will get Sire Denathrius Mount from quest line after finishing boost.

Reason to Buy Mythic Sire Denathrius Kill

  • Carries depend on a server;
  • The hardest difficulty with value prizes;
  • You need to move character on another server if World First was not reached;
  • Service can be provided in account share and self play options.

Sire Denathrius Carry Requirements:

  1. Fresh ID on raid;
  2. Hit an enemy at least once to pretend on items;
  3. Service requires up to 1-4 hours;


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