WoW Mounts

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What is WoW mounts farming service?

Mounts can simply be described as means of transportation in WoW. They are usually some kind of exotic beast or machine, that players sit atop and ride through Azeroth and other lands. Walking and running is always slower than moving yourself on transport. Though there are some exceptions such as turtle, which traveling speed on ground is a complete disaster. Cast time of transport is 1,5 seconds. But it may be interrupted by moving, entering combat and being damaged.

World of Warcraft Mounts were expensive things to buy  in previous expansions of, but the situation has drastically changed. Nowadays they are purchasable, but you have to buy riding training first. Sometimes gold and honor points are not required to Buy WoW Mount as they may be dropped from bosses. Don't forget, they are still rare as their drop chance is low. Current kind of transportation is also available by completing quests and achievements.

Why should you buy WoW mounts?

  • Use it as a means of transportation.
  • Particular positions in your collection show other players that you might be a skilled and experienced WoW gamer with dozens of joyful adventures past. In other words, they strengthen your authority.
  • Another reason to obtain different transport is collecting. Many of these transportation items look just so attractive, unique and cool, that one might be very excited to have them in his possession.
  • The vast majority of players simply do not have an opportunity to get those rare, so-called "collectible" items. And here comes PvPBoost — a place where you can order WoW Mount Farming option and admire those long-desired beasts or machines in your hands.
  • Extremely slim chance of drop (from 0,12% to 1,5%).
  • Long waiting times and spawn rate of mobs.
  • Inaccessible high-end game content.
  • Many players are short in time they have got on gaming.

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Where to buy mounts in WoW?

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About WoW mounts options:

  1. Every listed product is purchasable;
  2. Flying access — meta achievements allow you to fly over vast lands and territories;
  3. Older WoW expansions — you may purchase goods from any expansion you want;
  4. Scarce drops — we manage it for you, even if they have snowball chances to drop;

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