Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus

Here you can Buy WoW Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus Achievement Boost to carry your PvP experience on the next level. Service is available in non-rated battlegrounds for damage dealing and healing specializations.


  • WoW Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus Achievement from PvP category;
  • Currencies we’ll farm during boosting;
  • 17+ feat points;
Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus

How to get Tour of Duty: Maldraxxus Achievement?

  1. Select 1-5 characters you want to carry;
  2. Add up to 3 options in your order;
  3. Purchase 2+ listings from this category in 2 booking to activate a 7% discount;
  4. Wait 4-66+ hours and enjoy trophies!


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