Prestigious Forest Courser

Buy Prestigious Forest Courser Mount Farm Boost at a cheap price in a package with other service from PvP Mounts category and receive a 10% discount on your order. By purchasing Prestigious Forest Courser Carry you will guaranteed unlock the current item on your WoW account.


  • Prestigious Forest Courser PvP Mount on your World of Warcraft character;
  • Gold, honor, conquest points and other currencies that we’ll farm during boosting;
  • 10% discount on 2 item from current category;
Prestigious Forest Courser
$1 379.00

How to get Prestigious Forest Courser Mount?

  1. Select 1-3 carry options;
  2. Book a service within 3 clicks on our site;
  3. Discuss the most comfortable boosting time;
  4. Receive your rewards;

WoW Prestigious Forest Courser Mount Guide:

  • Mount is available by taking part in PvP activity;
  • We guarantee 100% account safety during carry;
  • Delivery time is 1-25+ days (depends on service you’ve selected);
  • Once you’ve made a purchase - our operator will contact you on email;
  • Whisper us in live chat to book your order with 34% faster speed;

WoW Prestigious Forest Courser Mount Guide:

  • Our team provides safe and reliable WoW Prestigious Forest Courser PvP Mount Farm for last 5 years;
  • During this time we got 13100+ positive reviews from customers;
  • You will get legit and real plays from Rank 1 workers on PvPBoost;


  • Character with level cap - 60;
  • 9 expansion of the World of Warcraft - Shadowlands;
  • More than 10 days of active subscription on account;
  • Possibility to start order within 1-4+ days;


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