Challenger PvP Title

Buy WoW Challenger Title Carry to boost your rating and achieve elite PvP season rewards. Service is available for classes with healing and damage dealing specializations.


  • 1400 rating in desired bracket;
  • Possibility to upgrade unranked conquest equipment;
  • Honor and conquest points;
  • Marks, anima, achievements we’ll farm during carry;
Challenger PvP Title

WoW Challenger Rank:

  1. Challenger rank requires 1400-1799 points in 2v2 or 3v3;
  2. Available since Shadowlands PvP Season 2;
  3. Unlocks 1 part of elite gear;
  4. Takes 2-6+ hours to be finished;

How to get Challenger Title in WoW?

  • Select 1 of 3 options and arena bracket;
  • Add service in cart in 4 clicks;
  • Fill the information about your character in 3-4 empty fields;
  • Whisper us in live chat to book your boost 30% faster;
  • Be ready to start carry in 1-26 hours after purchasing;


  • Voice chat is not required on the first steps. However, we recommend to use it for a better experience.
  • If the game will be hard - we will ask you to join our discord or skype group;
  • Possibility to spread boosting on 2-4+ sessions;


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