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What is WoW Dungeons Boost?

WoW Dungeons Boost is one of the key chapters in World of Warcraft. Players gather in groups to defeat mobs and bosses inside specific zones. This activity lets warriors receive equipment and increase ilvl with each new run. In case of fast reset it is possible to farm gear drops. Party members must wait 60 minutes around entrance once they complete 11 runs in a raw (if locations were finished during 1 hour).

How to Carry Dungeons in WoW?

The best composition of classes Dungeons Carry in Kalimdor is: 3 damage dealers, 1 tank, 1 healer. But even command structure does not mean 100% of success. Each character must keep the pressure and act within the assignment. The whole group can die if 1 member falls. In this case warriors are more than just teammates in current adventure. They should take care about own and other soldiers' health points.

How to join dungeons in WoW?

  • Reach 10 rank on hero to use group finder option;
  • Open spell book to set up abilities on action bars;
  • Select the role and queue in battle as 1 person;
  • Wait other 4 partners to begin confrontation;
  • Learn the map of instance and set the route;
  • Prepare reagents to resurrect allies;
  • Do not pull bosses if your character is not main tank;
  • Read the hardest dungeon tactics and take tips.