Power Leveling

Earn lots of unique rewards with WoW Power Leveling on PvPBoost. Check additional options and buy service with huge discount. Get a carry, stay loyal to your faction and become the one who decides the fate of Azeroth! Still have any questions? Our operator is ready to assist in a 24/7 chat!

What is WoW Power Leveling?

Power leveling is the fastest method to boost your character lvl and get perks in World of Warcraft on retail servers. To reduce necessary for completing time, in carry process many methods are used. Gamer can play on his own under assistance of PvPBoost team, so account sharing is not required. Our power levelers are experienced players that offer you the best service. Simply get in touch with the manager, book an order and relax while the driver will complete the difficult and boring farming.

The Best way to Power Level WoW

Finishing tasks in World of Warcraft that grant high experience value and require fewer efforts than others is the general idea of Power Leveling. It is important to analyze available quests in location you are going to and set the route. Calculate hourly XP gaining rate and change the approach if you receive less experience with every rank. Take care about talents of personage and cancel unnecessary activities (crafts, food, walks) to maximize result. Powerleveling service is created for players to save time from grinding in WoW, so most of the carries are provided in piloted mode.

Gamers confuse power levels and twinking. The last one is used by players to stay on specific lvl. Those who powerlevel friend act the opposite way. Reaching last rank is the main goal. Pay attention to companies that offer such a service. We care about the quality and reputation of provided carry. PvPBoost team never uses bots or software to complete farming. Process takes place manually. Boosters can have breaks to sleep as they are ordinary people. But if you Buy Power Leveling with fast completion, we will burn the midnight oil in order to finish WoW service in time!

How do you Power Level in WoW?

  • We will boost your char to required rank;
  • PvPBoost provides safe Power Leveling Services with 2 modes in WoW;
  • Our consultant will get in touch when you have ordered carry to book it;
  • Additional discount options are available with main order on EU regions, so you can Buy WoW Power Leveling with cheaper price for your Alliance or Horde characters;
  • Booster starts working on a specified time. We are able to stream the process or take screenshots (add this option in advance);
  • Discuss order details and find an appropriate date;
  • In case of any questions about Power Leveling, do not hesitate to ask it on our WoW website.

WoW Power Leveling Rewards

  • Prepare 3 character specializations with situational talents;
  • Select equipment with the best stats to deal damage;
  • Do not use enchantments, since armor changes quite quickly;
  • Skip most of the instances. This activity requires more efforts complicated to other spots. We recommend to take part in runs which are close to you and have quests;
  • Keep your hero rested and leave him in the city or at innkeeper's house once you close World of Warcraft;
  • Pull more than 2 mobs in combat to reach XP;
  • Turn on auto-loot mode in settings or use right click and shift combination;
  • Put on heirloom gear to boost experience gaining;
  • Keep battle and guardian elixirs active during WoW Power Leveling Boost;
  • Collecting a bunch of quests may be useful. Finishing tasks at once is not required.