New World Boost - Buy It Now and Enjoy a New Game

Let us introduce a completely new multiplayer sandbox game - New World. It is a farm-oriented MMO RPG with a lot of features, factions, and difficulties. Everything is about the open-world activities. With some awesome cutting edge mechanics, though a bit weaker PvE components, the overall impression is - the game is rather addictive though the endless farming expeditions may seem a bit boring over time. Buy the New World carry from PvPBoost and start getting to know more about the game.

About the Game in General

New World is the hottest game developed by Amazon Games so it’s partially a name of the developer which has made this MMO a high-stake release. It is a fantasy game. The action takes place on the fictional island of Aeternum located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Your task as an explorer is to colonize the island. However, in a while you find out that the place is invaded with the hostile substance called Azoth. It makes local flora and fauna completely inappropriate for humans. It also animates the dead explorers who came here before you, turning them into monstrous zombies. The island tries to kill you by any means and your mission is to survive and harness the power of Azoth.

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  • enjoy the mass open-world events;
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  • farm unique gear and craft weapons;
  • enjoy competitive PvP.

As you see, these activities are quite common in all MMO RPGs. What makes New World a completely unique and addictive game, and numerous players are looking forward to participating in it? We believe it is the meaningful concept of it. The NW sandbox game is gaining its popularity due to the simplicity of the gameplay, and the wide coverage in mass media and a big-name developer which makes everything immensely promising.

Factions and Guilds

To start with, you need to choose one of three main factions - The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant. Each faction (or they are called classes) has some companies, or guilds, or clans, like in other MMOs. You join one of them and work together with other guilds over developing the settlements scattered around the island. Soon, they turn into cities which you need to defend against enemies.

You also have here four computer-controlled factions of The Corrupt, The Ancient, The Lost, and The Angry Earth. These player-controlled factions are usually at war with each other so while you align with one of them, you fight against the others.

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Multiplayer Modes

The multiplayer modes in New World are based on the player-controlled factions. There are four modes in NW. Here they are:

  1. Expedition. It is a traditional dungeon approach. Your four partners and you participate in solving puzzles and defeating big bad guys of different types.
  2. War Mode. 100 players participate in this PvP mode simultaneously. You need to attack another faction’s fort and defend your own.
  3. Invasion. It is a PvE mode in which you work with 49 other players (totally, there are 50 of you) defending your fort against the computer-controlled foes. Your task is to survive at least 30 first minutes and then win a victory.
  4. Outpost Rush. It is the most complicated mode of the four. It is a so-called PvPvE featuring a 20v20 battle where you should defend your outposts against the other team but, at the same time, fight with the computer-controlled enemies.

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Why Is It Difficult to Play?

New World is a completely new game which has just started its development. Most players are not familiar with its technology and mechanics. The experienced team of New World boosters have tried it through the length and breadth. So, if you buy New World boost and carry service from PvPBoost, you obtain a great kind of support and assistance.

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The main characteristic feature of New World is that the game has no group finder so, if you are a new player or, what is more challenging, have never come across any MMO sandbox games, it is rather difficult to cope with versatile PvE and PvP content. We are ready to help you with everything. We offer New World boost for sale for EU and US regions and their servers and you get any kind of support you may need. We are always improving the quality of services and now, we are proud to state - your order will be processed within about 7 minutes after you place it on the site.

What Can We Do for You?

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We may accompany you throughout the plot of the game which is concentrated around different essential MMO in-game activities you need to be aware of. They are:

  1. Farming resources
  2. Levelling powers
  3. Levelling crafting and trading skills
  4. Expeditions and gearing
  5. Overall PvP and wars

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  • housing;
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  • completion of achievements.

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In short, you are welcome to the stunning and breathtaking MMO RPG. We are ready to help you with your endeavors. Buy the NW boost and carry services from PvPBoost and enjoy your gameplay with new characters, new environments, challenges, companions, and enemies. We hope the stunning travel throughout the world of fantasy is to become enjoyable and unforgettable. Address your questions to the customer support team, cooperate with boosters and have fun.