The Grotto Seed

Buy The Grotto's Seed farm boost and get a 100% guaranteed New World weapon of legendary quality. Get a 10% discount on 2+ services from the current NW category. Please whisper to us in live chat before ordering to get more information about average delivery time.


  • The Grotto's Seed item on your New World hero;
  • Gold, trade skills, weapon mastery, recipe and other materials we’ll farm during carry;
  • 10% cheaper price on 2+ items from this category;
The Grotto Seed

How to get The Grotto's Seed?

  1. Send a message to the operator in chat to receive ETA. We’ll answer in 5-153 seconds;
  2. Simply add a weapon in a cart within 2 clicks and proceed to checkout;
  3. Write character data in 4-6 empty fields;
  4. Once payment is done - we’ll book an order in 2-77 minutes;

The Grotto's Seed Guide:

  • Weapon has 475-650+ gear score and 1-6 perks;
  • Level 56+ on your character is required;
  • Our booster will farm required materials and items even drop chance 4.1% or less;
  • We use just legit carry methods without any bots, hacks or exploits;
  • 100% guaranteed account protection during boost;


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