Great Cleave Territory Standing

Buy New World Great Cleave Territory Standing Boost to get up to 100 standing level on your NW character with our carry farm. Order service in a package with other items from this category at a cheap price and get a 10% discount!


  • 10-100 standing in Great Cleave zone;
  • Better conditions for profession crafting;
  • 2-15% lower trade fee;
  • Increased experience gaining on 3-13%;
  • Increased town storage on 25-125 units;
Great Cleave Territory Standing

Great Cleave Territory Standing Guide:

  1. Select 1 of 3 additional options;
  2. Add service in cart within 3-5 clicks;
  3. Choose 2 service - optional for 10% discount;
  4. Fill in the required information in 4 empty fields;
  5. Complete ordering during 15 minutes;
  6. Whisper us in live chat to book your carry without queue - 70% faster speed;

Great Cleave Fast Travel through the map:

  • Is available just after unlocking Great Cleave teleport;
  • Up to 50-100% movement speed bonus;
  • Can be used just for 1 character on account per 1 server;


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