Buy New World Azoth Farm Boost to receive the required amount of currency on your character in the shortest period of time with our carry.


  • 500 Azoth mineral per 1 unit;
  • Gold, experience, weapon mastery we’ll farm during boosting;
  • 10% discount on 2000+ points (whisper us in live chat to buy with a cheaper price);

Azoth Farm Guide:

  1. Choose 1 of 3 carry additional options;
  2. Proceed to checkout within 4 easy steps;
  3. Correctly fill in necessary 3 strings;
  4. Complete purchasing and leave us a message in online chat to start booking;
  5. Discuss NW order details with the manager and get your Azoth!

How to get Azoth in New World?

  • Take elite quests and finish 4 main tasks;
  • Slay enemies with 25+ level;
  • Activate PvP mode and defeat enemy players;
  • Increase profession rank;


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