Vicious Saddle

Buy Vicious Saddle to get elite PvP Mounts with a cheap price in World of Warcraft. Service is available if you already have WoW SL PvP Season 2 Vicious War Mount - Vicious War Gorm. Get a 10% discount for buying a Vicious Saddle with a season mount.


  • Vicious Saddle - an item you can exchange on one of Vicious War PvP Mounts;
  • Service can be done more than 1 time, so you can buy 2 or more Vicious Saddle with 10% discount.
  • 1000-1400+ rating in 3v3 bracket (if you already have 1500+ rating in 3v3 - price will be higher);
  • 120-190+ arena matches and 100-160 arena wins;
  • 2-3 honor levels;
Vicious Saddle

Buy Vicious Saddle Carry Farm in SL PvP Season 2

You need a Vicious Saddle as a PvP token item to gain the 10 WoW mounts which are specific in every faction - Alliance and Horde. You may want the reliable and fast carry to enhance the process.

The process includes winning 80 3v3 arena matches or 40 battlegrounds in each season as well as getting the rating of 1000+. In fact, there are 28 PvP mounts you may acquire - 14 mounts in Alliance faction and 14 mounts in Horde faction depending on which faction your characters play in. If you change the faction, you have to change the mounts which you have already acquired into your collection.

You are allowed to gain more than one token per season to collect more PvP mounts. There is one more thing to consider. Before starting to collect Vicious mounts with the help of it, you need to get the season Vicious War Gorm. So, you may want one extra token to manage it.

As you see, the process of collecting mounts is rather complicated and to enhance it, you need to decide how to obtain your item as soon as possible. There is a great option - buy Vicious Saddle boost from PvPBoost and you will get the 10 mounts by the end of the season very soon.

You will receive from Our Vicious Saddle Service

We sell the WoW Vicious Saddle farming service at a low price and you will be provided with the following benefits:

  1. The target aim - the chosen number of token item boosts;
  2. A minimum 1400 arena rating in the 3v3 arena bracket;
  3. Mark of Honor, Honor Level, and Conquest which can be received in the process of carry;
  4. A lot of Reservoir Anima;
  5. The continued winnings in PvP matches which allow you to fill the progress bar;
  6. The ability to trade Vicious Saddle for any Horde or Alliance mounts.

We provide our farming service of the Warcraft Vicious saddle for both the EU and US realms. The PvPBoost website is created to help you boost the progress in collecting the faction mounts and finish the season with honors. We guarantee the following steps and procedures to perform the most successful carry:

  • The boost order’s ETA is 4-7 days.
  • You can buy one more Vicious Saddle boost if you need it.
  • The procedures are fully legit and safe.
  • You may continue farming mounts after the end of the current PvP season. It is available while you are waiting for the new content to arrive.
  • We arrange the Lifestream of all the processes if you choose the Piloted mode.
  • As soon as you place and confirm your order, we get in touch with you to discuss the boost details.
  • If you need, we ensure the screenshots of the most important runs and steps if you order the Piloted mode.
  • We ensure that the Saddle is account wide so you will be able to acquire the mounts to match any of your character without additional procedures.
  • We protect your account with the VPN client working especially in your region.
  • We do the runs by hand and never use bots or third-party programs.

Everything said here means that if you buy the Shadowlands Vicious Saddle from us at a low price, we will take the responsibility and monitor all the processes of its smooth carry and the possible outcomes to enhance your gameplay.

About Vicious Saddle Boost Service

If you are not interested in the World of Warcraft Vicious Saddle boost from PvPBoost, you can try to receive the token on your own. It may seem to be very easy to get. In fact, winning so many PvP battles is rather challenging even if you are the most experienced player. It may take a lot of time to meet all the requirements and gain just one PvP mount. If you are aimed at all of them, the situation may be more complicated.

The game developers have arranged all the processes very clearly so the player’s progress is quite easy to track in his inventory. So, it is checked whether you have reached the 1400+ rating in 2v2, 3v3, or Rated Battle Grounds (RBG). Getting your Vicious Saddle 1 or 2 is possible, of course, but it will take you much time and effort as you can see. So you can start farming the additional wins at once or buy the SL Vicious Saddle for cheap from us and continue your gameplay without any difficulties.

Requirements to Buy Vicious Saddle Carry

When you have decided to place the order and buy this advantageous carry, check whether your account meets the following requirements:

  • An active WoW Shadowlands account;
  • Characters of the 60th level with 210+ ilvl gear;
  • Your readiness to participate in self-play mode if needed.

If you don’t know where to start getting the boost, contact our support team by LiveChat.

Final Thoughts

You can see now that it is much easier to buy Vicious Saddle boost service in SL PvP Season 2 from PvPBoost and continue the gameplay without any worries. You are sure to know now how to get one or two tokens on your request and acquire all the 10 mounts in your faction as well as the season mounts that are offered. Enjoy the smooth, fast, and legit gameplay with our carry. You will become a true winner at the end of the season and continue to move forward in the next patch.


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