The Scryers TBC Reputation

Buy WoW TBC The Scryers Reputation Farm and carry your character’s rep rank up to exalted with the current faction. We guarantee 100% account safety during boosting, the fastest delivery and fair price for our service.

TBC The Scryers Reputation Rewards:

  • Exalted reputation rank with The Scryers faction;
  • Materials and gold that we’ll farm during service;
  • Unique faction rewards (like recipes, mounts, heroic dungeon attunement);
The Scryers TBC Reputation

WoW TBC The Scryers Reputation Farm Guide:

  1. Select required reputation rank and buy a boost;
  2. Once you’ve made a purchase - we will book your order;
  3. Usually we’re ready to start boosting in 15-60 minutes;
  4. Delivery time is 2-14 days. It depends on the selected options. Whisper us in live chat to get more information about ETA.
  5. No bots, cheats or hacks. Just legit boosting by real players;


  • Friendly - Exalted - 6-12 days;
  • Honored - Exalted - 4-10 days;
  • Revered - Exalted - 2-8 days;


  • 70 level on your character;
  • WoW account with The Burning Crusade Classic expansion;


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