Skinning TBC Profession

Buy WoW TBC Skinning Carry to boost your character’s profession skill up to 375 points. We will farm all the necessary materials in the shortest period of time.

TBC Skinning Profession Rewards:

  • Profession skill - 375;
  • Resourses, gold, items that we’ll farm during Skinning Boost;
Skinning TBC Profession

WoW TBC Skinning Profession Boost Guide:

  1. Select required amount of Skinning skill points - 300-375 and buy a boost;
  2. Once you’ve placed an order - we will book your order;
  3. Usually we’re ready to start boosting in 15-60 minutes;
  4. Delivery time is 2-14 days. It depends on the selected options. Contact us in live chat on the site and we will discuss it.
  5. No bots, cheats or hacks. Just legit boosting by real players;
  6. We guarantee 100% account safety during delivery of TBC Herbalism Carry;


  • 1-375 - 2-7 days;
  • 300-375 - 1-4 days;


  • 70 level on your character;
  • WoW account with The Burning Crusade Classic expansion;


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