Lil War Machine

Buy WoW Lil' War Machine with a cheap price to add a new battle pet in your collection. Service is on sale. Purchase carry in a bundle with another boost and get a 10% discount on 2+ listings.


  • WoW Lil' War Machine Battle pet;
  • Gold, experience, other currencies we’ll farm;
  • 100% safe and fast delivery;
  • 7-12% discount for buying 2+ services;
Lil War Machine

How to get Lil' War Machine battle pet?

  1. Select 1-4 options and add an item in cart;
  2. Use 1 of 4 available payment methods;
  3. Send us message in online chat to start boosting without queue - 78% faster booking time;

WoW Lil' War Machine Drop Rate:

  • Current battle pet drop rate is between 3,14% - 83,39% for some players.
  • Our team will 100% guarantee farm this item on your account.
  • Delivery ETA depends on your server. It can be from 2 hours to 31+ days (whisper us in live chat to get more information).

WoW Lil' War Machine Guide:

  1. Book your order within 5 easy steps;
  2. Fill the information in 3 required fields about your World of Warcraft character;
  3. Be ready to provide additional character details during 2-31+ hours;


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