Normal Sanctum of Domination Raid

Buy Sanctum of Domination Normal raid carry if you seek the safest and most effective way to boost your character before other challenges in World of Warcraft.


  • Completed the Sanctum of Domination in Normal difficulty;
  • Experience in dealing with 10 Sanctum of Domination bosses;
  • The regular level set of armor and weapons of Domination;
  • Chance to get items 226 ilvl (233 ilvl for the last two bosses);
  • Chance to get exclusive mounts and pets for defeating bosses;
  • Special achievements.
Normal Sanctum of Domination Raid

Sanctum of Domination Normal Raid Run Boost

If you're anxious to try the new raid in Shadowlands but fear defeat, then you've come to the right place. Our team of professional WoW players will be the first to rush into the SoD battle against the Jailer's army and invite you with them! On our platform, you can buy the Normal Sanctum of Domination raid carry service for Warcraft players from the EU and USA region at a low price. You do not need to sell your inventory, because we constantly offer discounts and offer services for sale.

After you buy our boost and carry SoD Normal Raid services, you can have the opportunity to get hold of tons of epic loot, awesome rewards, and of course new achievements. PvPBoost offers assistance with passing Normal, Heroic and Mythic levels and today let’s learn more about the first one.

If you've done SoD battles before, you know that even Normal-level gear is a great way to boost your hero effortlessly. Together with us, you can slay all 10 bosses in the Sanctum of Domination raid and will significantly improve your experience in the Shadowlands expansion.


A player needs to go through lots of preparation before the Sanctum of Domination Normal Raid run. Therefore, before you go into the SoD battle and buy any professional assistance, you need to make sure that all conditions are met.

  • Shadowlands 9.1 patch is installed and working correctly;
  • Character level 60. (Note that the class and faction you are playing do not matter. Your equipment doesn’t matter either);
  • Fresh raid cooldown before loot run starts.

We also urge you to stay in the game for the duration of the Sanctum of Domination battle and not leave the AFK. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the result.


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