The Depths Expedition

Buy New World The Depths expedition boost to take part in a 5-man epic action with our carry. Purchase runs in a bundle with a cheap price. Get a 10% discount with another service from the current category!


  • The Depths expedition completion with our 4 boosters;
  • All the loot from mobs and bosses we’ll defeat during run;
  • Resources and other currencies;
  • Experience, gold and weapon mastery for slaying bosses;
The Depths Expedition

The Depths Guide:

  1. Select required options and add carry in cart;
  2. Choose a character you want us to finish expedition on;
  3. Make an easy checkout within 2 clicks;
  4. Or complete registration on site to receive up to 5% discount;
  5. Discuss with our manage comfortable for you boosting time;
  6. Start your order and receive rewards!

The Depths Loot

  • 2-7% chance to obtain items of better gear score;
  • Up to 1-5 armor pieces per 1 run;
  • Huge chance to loot sword, shield, rapier, hatchet, spear, great axe, war hammer, bow, musket, fire staff, life staff or ice gauntlet on your character;
  • Weapons and armor of 1-4 tier and 100-630+ gear score (depends on the expedition);


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