Fire Staff Weapon Mastery

Buy Fire Staff Weapon Mastery Boost in New World to reach up to 20 points in a NW mastery tree with our carry. Service is on sale and available with a cheaper price in a bundle. Purchase 2+ weapon skills to get a 10% discount!


  • 0-20 weapon mastery on your character;
  • Experience, currencies, items we’ll farm during carry;
  • Full weapon tree unlocked;
Fire Staff Weapon Mastery

Fire Staff Weapon Mastery Farm in New World:

  1. We use just legit methods of boosting - like grinding, dungeons and PvP;
  2. Our team will max weapon level in New World without using 3-rd party programs, cheats or hacks. In this case we guarantee 100% account safety during order;
  3. Service is available for fire staff, shield, hatchet, war hammer, sword, bow, spear, musket, life staff, rapier, ice gauntlet or great axe.

Fire Staff Weapon Mastery Guide:

  • Select required character and 1-8+ skills to carry;
  • Add options to get 5-10% discount;
  • Whisper us in live chat to buy service with a cheap price.
  • Complete booking within 5-7 clicks;
  • Be ready to provide details and start boost during 10-130+ minutes;


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