Leveling 1-60

Buy New World Leveling 1-60 Boost to reach a fast experience cap on your character with our carry service. Just select delivery speed in options and make an easy purchase in 2 clicks! Book an order in a bundle at a cheap price with services from Profession, Reputation and Weapon skill categories and get a 10% discount.


  • Your hero will receive level 60;
  • A late game content unlock;
  • Possibility to build 3 houses;
  • Specific weapon skills;
  • Materials and currencies;
Leveling 1-60
  • New World Leveling 1-60 Boost Options:
  • Usual - we’ll complete leveling in 10 days;
  • Fast - service will take 7-8 days;
  • The fastest - leveling will be done in 4-5 days;


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