Mining Trade Skill

Buy Mining New World Trade Skill Boost and increase your character’s profession level from 0 to 200 with our carry service!

New World Mining Trade Skill Carry Guide:

  • Purchasing current service you will receive 1 hour of trade skill farm (price is listed for 1 hour);
  • Select the desired Mining farm hours and simply book an order;
  • Our team will farm required amount of trade skill hours on your hero;
  • Usually we’re ready to start boosting in 20-94 minutes after purchasing;
  • All the work will be done without using any bots or exploits;
  • We guarantee 100% account safety during service;
Mining Trade Skill


  1. 60 level on your character;
  2. Access to Tier 4 buildings (just for 200 profession level);
  3. 1-7 days (depends on desired skill points and server queues, whisper us in live chat to get the exact time);


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