Crown of Sorrow

Buy Crown of Sorrow Raid Boost in Destiny 2 at a cheap price and get unique rewards for your guardian with our D2 carry service. Raid runs are on sale for PC, PS and Xbox platforms. Book your order now and finish it within a few hours!


  • Crown of Sorrow raid completion in Destiny 2;
  • A chance to loot items of Legendary and Exotic quality;
  • Artifact and season pass experience;
Crown of Sorrow


  1. Self Play - you will take part in an epic action with our team. Prepare your weapons and have fun!
  2. Express - your order will be at the top of priority list - 25% faster delivery speed;
  3. Required item level - please be sure to select the right option if your light level is lower than 1200-1350;

Crown of Sorrow Raid Boost Guide:

  • Select a guardian you want us to farm a run;
  • Add a service in cart and proceed to the checkout in 1-4 easy steps;
  • Fill in the required information about your characters;
  • Make a fast purchase in 4 clicks;
  • Leave us a message in a live chat to book your order with a 60% faster speed;

Crown of Sorrow Raid Loot Table:

  1. 1-15% chance to get armor or weapons of better quality per 1 run;
  2. We guarantee fast carry and 100% safe delivery;
  3. Get a 10% discount on 2+ raid runs;

Light Level Requirements:

  • 1200-1299 - +50-100% from usual price;
  • 1300-1349 - +25-50% from usual price;
  • 1350+ - without additional fee;


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