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Buying quick and proficient Destiny 2 weapons carry service in 2021 became the optimal and not time-consuming way to promptly get the best weapons in the game. Our D2 weapon boost is targeted to speed delivering superior firearm types for your character. Take a look at the list of outstanding and cheap Destiny 2 weapon carry service we sell to EU and US (USA/NA) regions and buy what suits your needs the best.

Destiny 2 Weapon Features

There are 3 types of weapons in Destiny 2 we suggest to buy:

  • Kinetic. It is the main weapon you will use most of the time in Destiny 2. It includes the following kinds: pulse rifles, scout rifles, revolvers, machine guns. Such type is considered a good PvE and PvP weapons. You will bring huge damage to your opponents with critical hits from kinetic weapons which is one of its main features.
  • Energy. It has absolutely the same types of guns as the kinetic one. The only difference is that being anti barrier weapons each of them inflicts damage of a different kind, i.e. using an element of arc, solar and void. You will not experience a shortage of energy weapons’ ammunition, since they also often drop from opponents. These are great PvE weapons. However, in PvP encounters, energy weapons are not as effective. But you will be able to bring increased damage on targets that used the super ability. In this case, the element does not matter. You can use different elemental mods with each gun of such class apart from exotic ones with primary properties.
  • Power. Power weapons involve the following kinds of guns: rocket launchers, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, shotguns, swords, and plasma rifles. Each of them is suitable for inflicting huge damage at a certain distance. Damage forms are arc, solar and void. They are the best boss dps weapons you can buy used in Destiny 2 PvE combats. Ammunition very rarely drops from mobs, more often after defeating mini-bosses.

Your Guardian in the game has an opportunity to carry several guns of each sort. One of them will always be active. To change the active weapon, you need to go to the equipment menu and make a replacement in the desired slots.

As regards, how to switch weapons in Destiny 2, you can do it at any time. On consoles, the change of kinetic and energy guns can be made by pressing Y and triangle, power one by pressing Y and triangle. On the PC version of Destiny 2, the change is made by pressing the keys 1, 2, 3. Also, a certain type of bullets is provided with each variety of weapon. With standard settings, kinetic ammo is white, energy ammo is green, and power bullets are purple.

During the game, it may appear that your weapon is weaker than other items of equipment in terms of power. To resolve the issue, it is possible to upgrade weapon power. Boost is usually done by transferring power from one object to another. In this case, the object that is used as a donor must be more powerful, and it is destroyed after giving out all the power.

To enhance items, you also need a special currency. As an example, for exotic weapons, these are experimental parts, and for legendary ones, these are legendary mods. The higher is the level of your character and the more difficult are the tasks, the greater the chance of getting rare high-quality firearms. Also, a level restriction on the use of certain guns existed but you can always buy them from us.

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